Telecom Network Solution

The telecommunications sector requires massive strength, reliability and scalability to assure the best customer service, as most of the time these companies rely on loyal customers that renew subscriptions and attest to service reliability. Telecommunications companies provide a broad range of services including data, Internet Protocol (IP), voice and wireless, managing simultaneously thousands of network equipment, including routers, LAN switches, firewalls, application appliances, wireless access points

Network Consultancy & Planning

• Effective Project management, staffing and training solution
• Network performance improvement and cost-effective operations
• Expertise in spectrum analysis, bid preparations and network design
• Site survey for the optimal wireless signal
• Expertise in both Macro and Inbuilding network design

Network Audit & Optimization

• A systemic approach to network performance, vulnerability and security
• Analysis of network audit data comprising device location & capacity
• Network performance analysis and visualisation for high efficiency
• Systematic approach to optimization comprising – requirements, planning, implementation, and monitoring